Healthcare Administration

Answer each part separately and label accordingly. No plagiarism! Provide all references used and cite in text where used. Due on Saturday May 20, 2017 by 5 pm.PART #1 (150 WORDS)There have been many allegations of a nursing shortage, using both the healthcare planners’ and economists’ definitions of shortages. The American Hospital Association complained of a nursing shortage in the 1950s and 1960s and supported these claims by noting the high vacancy rates in registered nurse positions and the substitution of less highly trained licensed practical nurses for RNs. Congress responded by passing the Nurse Training Act (NTA) in 1964, which began a tradition of government subsidization of nurses’ training. Between 1971 and the present, there appears to have been a number of periods of adjustment in which high vacancy rates were followed by policy to expand nurses’ training, followed by reductions in shortages. Explain the health care financing and economic principles as they apply to this course of action and what would be the more efficient and effective economically to best keep supply and demand for nurses in alignment?Nursing Shortage: Not a Simple Problem – No Easy Answers #2 (500 WORDS)Demonstrate an understanding of the relevance of economic concepts within the healthcare sector.PART #3 (150 WORDS)Discuss the role of QIOs and the impact they have had on Medicare and healthcare in general.Explore some of the opportunities and challenges that face the U.S. Public Health organization when embracing CQI.PART #4Instructions:Visit the Academy Health’s website and read the Quality Improvement in Public Health PDF (attached).After reading the study:·         List the major concepts within the article·         Delineate the positive outcomes from the two case studies·         Comment on the stated next stepsProfessor’s notes: Your summary of the assigned article should be, at least, three paragraphs in length (one for each bullet item). If you wish to add an introduction and conclusion, then that is up to you. The same applies for the use of additional reference material. (Don’t forget to tell me what you think, too.)

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