hmgt 400 assignment

Assignment #3: Quantitative Analysis Part 2 (14% of the grade)For this assignment, students will be given data from a quantitative analysis and will be asked to analyze it using RStuido, SPSS, STATA, SAS or any other software (your choice).Data set:Medicare National Data by CountyStudents will develop an analysis report, in five main sections, including introduction, research method (research questions/objective, data set, research method, and analysis), results, conclusion and health policy recommendations. This is 5-6 page individual project.Here are the main steps for this assignment.Step 1:TOPICComparing average annual percent of diabetic Medicare enrollees age 65-75 having eye examination between B and W.DATASETData set:Minnesota Healthcare Database.xlsxMedicare National Data by CountyMN Hospital Report Data by Care Unit FY2013MN HCCIS Imaging Procedures 2013MEPS Dental FilesMEPS Impatient Stay DatabaseMedicareNationalDataCSV.Step 2: Develop the research question andStep 3:  Run the analysis using RStudio and report the findings using the assignment instruction.

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