HMIS Review Questions

  • Please submit assignment in a single Microsoft Word file.
  • Please remember to not only be clear, concise, and professional with your answers but also label and number your answers accordingly.
  • Chapter 9 – System Development: Health Management Information System Analysis and Developmental Methodologies (pg 191-215) Chapter Questions Page 214, #1, 2, 4, 6 Questions/Comments

9-1. Define the following and describe a health-related example that incorporates these terms:

a. Methodology

b. Technique

c. Tool

d. Phases and sub phases

9-2. Discuss the SDLC, and explain why this concept is critical for understanding HMIS development.

9-4. Why use CASE tools? Discuss how CASE supports various aspects of systems development and the challenges with CASE applications.

9-6. Define open-source software (OSS), and distinguish the advantages of an OSS approach from other methods of software development. Describe an example of an OSS “success” story in the healthcare services industry.

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