homework 3

Homework Assignment – 3. Submit in your assignment folder.Your work for an International Company which also has sales and service operations throughout the US is almost every major city. Your role includes monthly financial statement preparation for both internal and external purposes, and a liaison to the Information Technology group of your Company. Your boss, the CEO, comes to you and states that because he (she) travels extensively around the US and the world visiting the Company’s sales and service operations, that he (she) would like to do a study of what it would take to move the general ledger and financial reporting functions to the Cloud in the future. The goal of the CEO is to be able to access anywhere, anytime the general ledger and financial reporting functions online, real time, while traveling so that she (he) can review the results of the sales and service operations directors during these travels.Prepare a 2-3-page double-spaced report, summarizing the opportunities and threats of your Company not only implementing this request by the CEO to the Cloud, but also the future monitoring and other opportunities and threats which the Company must deal with if it decides to proceed with such an approach. Your report should include a very well-constructed table summarizing the opportunities and threats.

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