How can the Skin Diagnose Disorders?

Write a 200-250 word response in APA format free from plagiarism

Research the skin disorder Morgellons disease. Then, discuss the following questions as related to this disease:

What is Morgellons Disease?

What are the symptoms of this disease?

What does the CDC (Center for Disease Control) say about this disease?

How many people suffer from this disease?

What are the current attitudes held by the medical field towards patients’ suffering from this disease?

Do you believe this is an actual condition? Why or why not?

Also research one more skin disorder of your choosing and answer the following questions: In at least 50 or more words

What disorder did you choose to write about?

Why did you choose this disorder?

What are the symptoms of this disorder?

How does the skin help in diagnosing this disorder?

What are the treatments of this disorder?

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