How CIS Controls Can Limit the Cascading Failures During an Attack? Case Study

Case Study: How CIS Controls Can Limit the Cascading Failures During an Attack?You can find a copy of the case at the SANS reading room website located at you read the case, you need to write 3-4 double spaced pages answering the following questions. Please include an APA cover page and a reference list with the assignment.What are the organization’s business challenges and risks in each of the seven domains as identified in the textbook? Identify each domain individually by name.Explain how the proper application of security policies can mitigate many of the seven domain security risks.Should the company take measures to prevent similar attacks in the future? What steps should be taken?What company security policies must be in place to deal with employees and consultants to deter initiating a security attack?What components should be included in developing an information security plan for the company?Include the Grammarly Score before and after Grammarly changes. Use the Snipping tool to copy the score and paste the screenshots at the end of your essay. That step will ensure that you are running your report through Grammarly and taking advantage of the editing process.

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