How I write a briefing statement

Develop a 750-1000 words briefing statement providing the information on the severity of the issue depending on the underlying reason, and the background of the emergency.

this emergency–>

In your narrative, you will need to include the following:

· A brief description of the severity of the emergency.

· What is the impact and scope of the emergency?

· At least 2 HC related unique characteristics of the emergency.

· What would your team need to know about the situation from the perspective of your role? ( My role: communication and ethics officer)

· A description of minimum 2 policies, laws, and/or regulations as well as the government agencies responsible for the governance and oversight of this emergency or HC services during it.

· State how your job role is involved in containing/managing the emergency situation (list minimum 2 specific tasks).

· Identify minimum 2 stakeholders your job role will be involved in dealing with this emergency. Explain how and why this relationship is important.

The briefing paper should be formatted according to APA style

Attached is what I have done so far, I just need help completing it and some corrections on the one I have done.

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