Identify 3 types of barriers in the body’s first line of defense, biology homework help

Section A: 
Answer the questions in space provided. (150 word minimum response)

  1. Identify 3 types of barriers in the body’s first line of defense. Give an example of each type of barrier. (150 word minimum response)
  2. Define immunity, and distinguish between active and passive immunity. (150 word minimum response)
  3. Define immunodeficiency, and list reasons for it. (150 word minimum response)
  4. Identify two causes of air pollution and describe their effects on human health. (150 word minimum response)
Section B: Virtual Lab: Medical Mystery
  • This lab requires that you visit each link listed on this page, and takes notes and observation on everything you see.


In this virtual lab, you will investigate what is reason why the people on the planet of Prokaryon are getting sick.

Inorder to complete the lab you will need to visit each link and carefully read all of the information contained in each link, take notes and make important observations, complete any mini-labs and answer any questions asked in each link. All of the information will need to be included in your lab report. 

  • First right click on the link below and open in a new tab or window.
  • Under the Students side of the page click the “Enter Link”
  • Once the page loads choose the mission titled “Peril in Prokaryon”. 
  • Complete the lab activities. 

Medical Mystery Lab

In ADDITION to your lab report, you will need to write a 300 word minimum essay that describes the mission and everything you did to complete the mission.

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