Intro to PC unit 7 assignment

This Assignment will demonstrate your ability to apply your knowledge to health maintenance and screening activities specific to the child’s age.

Imagine you are working as a family nurse practitioner for a primary care office. A child is presented to you as a new patient and the family is new to the area. The child is due for a health maintenance visit and, as a primary care provider, you are aware that there are different requirements for health maintenance visits and different screenings to be completed, based on the child’s age.

You will write a paper addressing the specific health maintenance and screening activities required for a child from one of the following age groups: a 12-month-old, a 4-year-old, or a 9-year-old.

In addition, you will be required to research some community resources available in your area to assist new parents in adjusting to their new home. These resources can include the health department, dentists, therapists, pharmacies, schools, as well as pediatric specialists and hospitals.

The paper must be 3–5 pages, use APA format, and include at least 5 citations and references.

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