Jkwrittenassignment3 | Education homework help

 Research the following three assessments in the Observation & Assessment in School of Education Guide:

  • Ages and Stages Questionnaire (ASQ)
  • OUNCE Scale
  • BRIGANCE Inventory of Early Development (3 to 5 years old)
Part Two: Comparison Chart

Create a comparison chart that describes for each method:

  • Who is the assessment used on/for?
  • What does it measure?
  • What information does it provide?
  • Where does the assessment generally take place?
  • When is the assessment used?
  • Discuss connection to DAP
  • Why would it need to be used?
  • Discuss connection to DAP
  • How is the assessment implemented?
  • Discuss connection to DAP
  • Meets the following general requirements:
  • Create using Smart Art, Table, or other methods to make the chart visually appealing, yet readable.
  • Follows the conventions of appropriate grammar, spelling, and writing.
  • Provide citations/references from at least 3 credible sources in APA format in chart.
  • Submit your comparison chart as a Word document.

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