First you should watch this “ÿA History of Horror with Mark Gatiss (Part 1 of 3) Frankenstein Goes to Hollywood “https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZkZBJd4UTlMThen you shouldÿresponseÿto a classmateEven though as a society weÿshun or exclude monsters and don’t agree with the idea of monstrosity,ÿwe know that deep inside of us we share some of the same characteristics as monsters. This is why people enjoy watching horror films so much, we are sometimes violent and destructive like the monsters in the movies. Also, people enjoy the thrill that horror films gives them. We love to be frightened, scared, and surprised; likeÿGatissÿsays in the documentary, we keep watching even though we know we shouldn’t because we love the adrenaline rush. Sometimes horror films draw us in so much because of our curiosity that we feel as if we are part of what is happening. This is also how the genre gained success so quickly; horror films are interesting and they get people’s blood pumping. Horror films gained even more popularity as they “wentÿhollywood” because they started introducing unrealistic and scientific characters.ÿ2- Then you shouldÿresponseÿto another classmate:I agree with what is said in conversation between Karloff’s daughter and Gatiss. Not only was Karloff discriminated against in school for having dark skin, but he was also an aspiring actor for 20 years before finally landing the role of Frankenstein’s monster, making him an overnight sensation. The events Karloff faced in his life such as these were sure to make anyone feel like an outsider. Having known what it felt like to be different, Karloff was able to identify with the monsters he played in ways that others would not have been capable of. I also agree with Karloff’s belief that “the children understood” his characters. Most children have the tendency to see the good in anyone and are often able to distinguish when someone is lonely or in pain. In contrast, adults are usually quick to judge and aren’t as easily able to see the good in others.

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