kinetic analysis, engineering homework help

Well engineer student (simulation modules):

Use Sim Mechanics to construct an accurate pendulum that incorporate damping and air resistance. The most interesting behaviour with the double pendulum is how the system’s behaviour’s with system variable changes. First, you should examine what plays the most influence in this system. Its commonly thought that this behaviour is unpredictable, however, offer suggestions to if this is a true statement. The mass will be provided to you in the form of a Mech_import file. The ball will have 50mm Dia. You will have to use calculation to prove your answer and some programmes like solid works and sim mechanics and excel, however, you should follow page 2 of the assignment which shows the marks will be allocated on what exactly and you should cover it all.

Note: tutorials should be provided along with the assignment so I can know how you drow and everything.

you have to cover all the requirments in each section attached for you

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