Kolb’s experiential learning model, health and medicine homework help

Kolb’s experiential learning model

Experiential Learning Essay
Write an essay on an approved topic. Essays must be written on templates. Here is an overview of those steps:

  1. Select an approved topic from our experiential essay list. When you click on an essay, you will see the subtopics you need to cover and examples of supporting documentation
    • There are over 400 topics to choose from including the following examples of our most popular essays:
      • Parenting
      • Pregnancy and Birth: Stages in the Life Cycle
      • Introduction to Applied Professional Ethics
      • Psychology of Divorce
      • Weight Management

Write the essay using the essay template

  • Write in first person (you are writing about your personal experience, not research)
  • The personal experience used in writing experiential learning essays must have occurred post high school or after date GED was granted
  • Address the four sections of the Kolb’s experiential learning model

Two topics to choose from attached

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