Learning Team Assignment – PSA / Oral presentation, biology homework help

Oral Presentation: Your learning team will produce a mock script for a 3-5 minute radio PSA (public service announcement) on childhood obesity. You should focus on solutions based on key nutritional concepts, as well as lifestyle, shopping, dining habits, and/or cultural effects. Refer to your textbook for accurate scientific information. Record your PSA on a laptop and post as a music file to the course Canvas site (upload as a file browsed from your computer). All members must speak on the PSA, and all members must equally contribute to the creation of the script. This assignment will be graded using both the Brenau University Speaking Skills Assessment Form.

Do not forget to add Professor Edgar to your invite to your “conference” so I can view it when you are happy with your submission. Please send the script – you can upload it here in Canvas. Remember to choose at least three out of five suggested areas for improvement to conquer childhood obesity. Other sources can be used but make sure that they are reputable sources (.org or .gov are usually good – no wikis please!). Do document where your information came from (use the APA citation machine on Purdue Owl website – https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/560/01/ (Links to an external site.) . You can add visuals or use the web cams if you choose.

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