Legal Studies Discussion

Q1. Review the Palm Mall project at the link provided and select the most suitable form of contract for this project. The answer should include a detailed justification with at least the following:

Q1.a. Project characteristics matrix.

Q1.b. Form of contract characteristics matrix.

Q1.c. The characteristics which match exactly.

Q1.d. The characteristics which not match.

Q1.e. The modifications required to the contract to take care of the mismatching characteristics.

Note: The matrix can follow a similar format to the handouts but a unique approach is encouraged.


Q2. Review the Oman Standard Documents for Building and Civil Engineering Works (uploaded as attachment) and identify all clauses where the opinion and/or satisfaction of the Engineer is required.

Q3. Suggest modifications that can be made to each of the clauses identified to increase unambiguity.

*** Words count = 1900 words.

*** In-Text Citations and References using Harvard style.

*** Attachment has been uploaded named “Oman Standard Documents for Buildings and Civil Engineering”.

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