Lithium Battery Question

You have reached mid-life and it is time for a career change. The field of battery research has lots of money and you have landed a job with Tesla motors. Your first project investigates lithium batteries and the problem of overheating. Do some research to become familiar with the project before you start the job. Write a review about your lithium battery project that includes the following two subtopics.

Use the following guidelines.

  • Meets the 100 word minimum requirement for each subtopic.
  • Images need to be referenced, even if you created them.
  • Entry is written in a formal manner, with no use of text messaging “shorthand,” slang, or similar. You may use lists, but the sentences within the list must be complete sentences.
  • Only reliable references are used and all quoted data is referenced properly with correctly formatted citations. Do not plagiarize!

  • a. Describe the chemical and physical characteristics of lithium batteries, including their problem with overheating.

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