Looking for help with Construction Management paper, needs to be 3 pages long, subject: AutoCAD; required 2 sources

AutoCAD is an excellent tool to use when communicating concepts that require spatial understanding. It can be used in the very early stages of a project design to communicate conceptual design. It can also be used by the construction manager for site layout and sequencing, and to communicate layout and lay-down plans for subcontractors.

Provide a 3-4 page narrative to describe four of the main project delivery methods that are commonly-used to implement construction projects. After describing these methods, summarize your findings in a table to compare these methods from the contractual (i.e., responsibility) perspective. In doing so, explain how the responsibility of the parties differs depending on the project delivery methods chosen. After the summary table, identify which project delivery method you prefer and specify why (provide a minimum of three reasons for your choice and explain your reasoning for each).

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