Lung Cancer research

The paper will be 5 pages and on an assigned health topic including cover page and references page. The paper will include the following and graded as: a. Introduction b. Background information on the health topic c. Statistics on the health topic d. Target population e. Behavior Theory Model f. Intervention g. Expected outcomes h. Six (5) Programs or organizations related to education, research, prevention and cure of the health issue. i. Five (5) Sources/references from the journals, books, articles and reliable governmental and Academic Institution sources on the internet. No Newspapers or Magazines j. Writing format. (10 points) The paper must be in an APA format, Times New Roman 12pt font and double spaced. Proofreading, spell checking and stapling the paper are important before submitting the paper. NOTE Be thoughtful about choosing your topic. Once chosen, it CANNOT BE CHANGED.

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