1.  Have the  site supervisor assign a position for which you will perform a job analysis by interviewing the appropriate personnel and writing a performance-based job description.(This means it must include measurable criteria against which the employee would be compared to for his/her performance appraisal).This assignment must also be completedwithoutreferencing any existing job description for the assigned position.2.  Have the  site supervisor assign one area of the department that requires a procedure. Evaluate the work process and write the procedure. The format should follow the facility format including all required information such as written by, approved by etc.  You should request to view a procedure unrelated to your assigned area of review.3.ASSIGNMENT: Management Affiliation Project(s)Each student can be assigned a project (or multiple smaller projects) by the Professional Practice Site Supervisor in consultation with the student. This project should provide the student with an opportunity to utilize their knowledge in coping with realistic problems encountered in a the prospective department (Health Information Department, Risk, Performance Improvement, Finance, Compliance)The student is to prepare a written report to be submitted to both the Site Supervisor and the Clinical Coordinator (course instructor). The report is to detail the problem assigned by the Clinical Site Supervisor, including but not limited to, methodology, conclusions and recommendations. The report, which should include a title page, appropriate headings and applicable citations should clearly show that the student:- Identified the components of the problem/project- Designed a plan to find a solution- Gather the appropriate data necessary for problem/project solution- Analyzed the results of data gathering- Proposed suitable solutionsCopies of documents prepared as a component of the project should be submitted to the Clinical Coordinator as well as the Clinical Site Supervisor.Evaluation will be based on content, conclusions and recommendations, neatness, spelling and grammar.Power Point Presentation with Voice over  (WITH THIS PART CAN YOU PLEASE WRITE THE INFORMATION ON THE NOTES ON THE BOTTOM TO POWERPOINT BECAUSE I WONT ASK YOU TO DO THE VOICE OVER BUT AT LEAST WIRTE SOME NOTES ON THE BOTTOM SO THAT I CAN GET AN IDEA WHAT TO DO. THANKS )A MS PPT presentation should be prepared describing highlights from the on-site experience as well as key elements of the project (problem, method of resolution etc).  This should include:A brief description of the facilityA brief summary of your experienceA report on your project(s) as stated aboveA discussion of one or more procedures, systems, experiences etc. you found unusual or especially interesting

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