Merlin Needs a Magcian

Case Study – Merlin Needs a MagicianCase Study – Merlin Needs a MagicianDirections:Read the following case study: Merlin MetalworksThink about the facts of the case and answer the following questions:For each of the four situations noted, what organizational concepts apply? Identify the concept, explain the related problem, and identify how it influenced decisions in this case.As an adviser to President Ashley Korenblat, how would you resolve each problem?Use a Word document to formulate your answers. Submit your document as an rtf file using the Assignment link.Grading:This assignment is worth 20 points toward your course grade. I will grade all of your case study assignments on the basis of how well you fulfill the assigned questions, how well you show that you understand the chapter terms and ideas, and when possible, your consideration of additional perspectives. Refer to the following table to understand how your case study assignment will be graded:Required ResponseCompleted all tasks, answered all questionsWrote substantive responses of 1 or 2 paragraphs (6 – 8 sentences) for each question12 pointsUse of Terms and Ideas Learned; Consideration of different perspectivesUsed terms and ideas from readings correctly to clarify, explain, or support an argumentWhen possible, used additional sources to discuss other perspectives related to issueWhen possible, used knowledge from personal experience to further support statements8 points

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