MGMT 355

In accordance with your learning in this class, you will write a paper on a Public Policy (law) and its impact upon a Corporation of your choice. ÿAs you have learned throughout this term, society, through its laws and policies changes how ÿbusiness is permitted to conduct itself, and business in turn impacts society. The purpose of this paper is to give you experience in writing a brief analysis of a law that impacts a business corporation. You can choose a law and a corporation with which you are familiar. ÿ ÿFor example, you might analyze The Sarbannes Oxley Act, 2002, or the Family and Medical Leave Act, 1993, Americans with Disabilities Act, or some other law, and show how this law has benefitted society, and what constraints it has put on an organization of your choice. ÿÿUse 12 point font. ÿDouble-space. One inch margins. ÿUse APA, or MLA, or other style of citation. ÿYou must cite all your sources. ÿDirect quotations, as used, must be cited with page number. Do not use large portions from your research text(s) as quotations. ÿ Remember that a bibliography comes at the end, and is not a substitute for citations in the paper itself. ÿ The paper should be 5 pages in length, excluding the Bibliography. You may attach Appendices. The paper must be a piece of original writing. Cutting and pasting text from the web is not permitted. ÿEnsure that you have some scholarly sources (journal articles) and refer to some of the concepts from your textbook. Spell-check your work. ÿCheck for grammar, and correct sentence construction.You can use the following as guidelines to structure your paper. Make sure your title has some indication to what you are analyzing?do not be so creative with the title that it obscures the focus. ÿúIntroduction to the paper (highlight the law and the corporation you have chosen)úAnalysis:Why did the law come about? (i.e., what did society find lacking that led to this the creation of this law?)How the law has impacted (or how will it impact) your corporation?What are the benefits of the law? (i.e., who has the law helped and why?)What pressures/costs has the law placed on the corporation? (i.e., is this law fair toall concerned?)What might ÿbe likely to happen to amend the law or change it in some way?úSummary & RecommendationsúBibliography

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