Middle Tennessee State Clinical Decision Making Qualitative Research Paper

Choose one published qualitative research study that has relevance to your PICOT question. You must attach a PDF of the article you selected with your post. Read the article and answer the following questions in the Discussion Forum:

  1. Select a qualitative research study from a peer-reviewed journal and cite the article in APA format.
  2. Identify the qualitative research tradition this study is best aligned with and give a rationale.
  3. Describe in some detail how you could use this research study to support a best practice intervention (e.g., patient education, bedside care activities, etc.)

APA format, i will include the aritcle to be used.

My PICOT question is

Among the Intubated Males in short stay ICU settings between the ages of 43 to 45 (P) how does the use of oral 0.2% Chlorhexidine every 8 hours (I) compared to use of normal saline (C)reduce the risk of ventilator-associated pneumonia (O) within the duration of their hospital stay (T)

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