MN 514 Unit 4 Assignment

Analysis of Forecasting and Succession Planning

You will create an Analysis of the Forecasting and Succession Planning for a Healthcare facility where you previously or currently work.

The analysis should be 4–5 pages plus the title and reference pages(s), prepared in APA format with a minimum of three scholarly references.


Your analysis will address the following: for Dialysis Nursing

  1. What activities the HR Department and Nurse Recruitment Managers are performing to identify trends in involuntary, voluntary turnover, and retirements, and their impact on providing qualified healthcare employees for the organization.
  2. The processes that are in place to fill critical skilled positions through the managerial ranks in the Nursing Department at the facility.
  3. Steps that should be taken to meet and interview representatives with the HR and Recruitment Departments to gain insight on what activities are done and what strategies are in place to insure no gaps in nursing coverage.

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