MSN 507 Unit 7 Topic 2

Look at the case study number one, (In)Secure Communication? on page 240 of Health Policy and Politics, A Nurses Guide, by Milstead. Analyze what might have transpired if Annie did not have a nursing background. List the breakdowns in communication that occurred and the potential ramifications. Did the advance practice nurse’s office fulfill a meaningful use stage 2 requirements of providing secure electronic communication between the patient and healthcare provider? Why or why not?

The case study is about a nurse name Annie who visit her primary care provider, Annie is allowed to access her personal records, she was examined had lab work and got refill on her beta blockers. But received an email 2 days ago alerting her that she had new information in her electronic record, diagnosed of dysuria. She received another email- Her urine was sent for culture and it came back positive for UTI. Although she had no symptoms of a UTI. Annie received automatic call from pharmacy that her prescription is ready. Annie decide to pick up the antibiotic and begin therapy. Annie never received a call from doctors/APRN office after her well visit appointment. Another factor to note: the urine sample was collected in the APRN office, not the lab, where Annie had labeled the specimen container in the lavatory using a black marker

List 3 references less than 5 years old

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