My statuses and roles- need in 8 hours

Need In 8 hours from now and must be in APA format. 

My Statuses and Roles

This assignment brings together many parts of Ch. 5 and it has proven to be enlightening and eye-opening for students who take it seriously. To make the most of this assignment, put the effort and thought into completing it well. It is an excellent opportunity to learn something about yourself!

Review the section titled “Elements of Social Interaction,” located in Ch. 5 of the textbook.  You may find Figures 5-1, 5-2, and 5-3 especially helpful, as this assignment asks you to think about your own statuses and roles.

Determine the type of deliverable you will use for this assignment. You may create your own diagrams similar to figures 5-1, 5-2, and 5-3 of the text, create a presentation using Microsoft PowerPoint or Prezi, make a video or slide presentation with synchronized audio, or simply deliver your content in paragraph form in a Microsoft Word document. The deliverable is your choice.

Complete the following using the deliverable you select.

Identify your current master status. Keep in mind the fact that your master status may change over your lifetime. This assignment is asking you to identify what you believe is your master status at this point in your life. (Note: “Human Being” does not count as a status!)

Identify at least five other statuses.

Identify which statuses are ascribed and which have been achieved

Identify the roles that correspond to your statuses.

Describe how these statuses and roles influence your social interactions.

Identify sources of role strain and role conflict and describe how they have affected you.

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