Given the current prevalence of mobility throughout organizational and individual communications, what does the future of mobility look like and which devices do you think will no longer exist in 10 years?ANSWER THE ABOVE DISCUSSION, THEN REPLY TO CLASSMATE DISCUSSION EXPLAINING WHY YOU AGREE.CLASSMATE’S DISCUSSIONI believe that mobility, through the evolving aspects of smart devices and technological enhancements will drive the ability to communicate faster and easier than ever. With cloud services, artificial intelligence, and edge computing becoming the prevalent network, service, and application method of choice, information technology assets in both organizational and personal communications, will become even more scalable, efficient, and capable. In ten years’ time, we as a society may see an end to traditional analog telephone systems as VoIP technologies have grown expeditiously in features, capabilities, and mobility. We may also see the nullification of desktop computers as, again, mobility and scalability in thin/zero clients and laptops that connect to the cloud for all services become the norm.

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