Non-Human Primate Research Paper


Assignment instructions:

You are to research and write a 4 page research paper discussing one of the non-human primates (Gorillas). Include: a picture of your non-human primate or drawing, be at least 4 pages long (not including your picture or bibliography), typed, double spaced, 12 pt. font, be in Times New Roman style, page numbered, 1-inch margins, free from spelling/ grammatical errors, sources properly cited, include a bibliography with a minimum of 5 reputable sources (DO NOT use Wikipedia), and the paper must be in AAA, APA, or MLA style guide. Do not quote more than 10% in your paper for all sources used. The paper must also be in the following format: Introduction: This is where you will introduce your non-human primate and provide background information on the species’ (Who, When, Where, What?). Discuss who discovered your species, where your species is geographically found, how your species was discovered, the significance of your species name(s) (both scientific and common name), is your species an ape or monkey, and if so, what type of ape or monkey, status and conservation, is your species currently on the endangered species list. This is also where you will discuss why you selected this particular non-human primate to research over theothers. Do not quote more than 10% in your paper for all sources used.

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