NURS416 Bowie State University Nursing Management of Children Journal

*******Please choose one of the objective below and write a journal entry. Attached is the case of a patient i had during my clinical experience so use it for the journal entry and the SBAR******

A) Journal Entry identify which topic 1-8 that you will be journaling about with your clinical experience. IF you do not state the topic 1-8 you will get points deducted.



Through reflective thought the student will compare and identify how their activities and observations relate to various management theories.

Each student will submit a clinical journal for each day in the field. Describe your experiences and how they apply to nursing leadership and management. Apply at least one of the topics listed below to each entry, as appropriate. Journal entry should be between 100-500 words.

  1. Apply the nursing process as it relates to theoretical principles in the nursing management of children and adolescents within the family system.
  2. Integrate caring behaviors, critical thinking and clinical reasoning in the therapeutic management of the pediatric client and family.
  3. Implement effective, age appropriate, therapeutic communication skills in the care of children and adolescents within the family system.
  4. Evaluate the effectiveness of interventions that are congruent with the cultural beliefs, traditions, and behaviors of families.
  5. Demonstrate leadership skills to serve as a member of the health care team in the clinical setting.
  6. Incorporate research findings in care planning.
  7. Appraise health policies and laws that impact pediatric nursing practice.
  8. Debate the outcomes of ethical dilemmas that arise in the care of the pediatric client.

B) Attached is the template for the SBAR. Use the the same infos to do both assignments ie (A&B)

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