Organizational Size and Structure

Step 6: Organizational Size and Structure{}Like strategy types and competitive advantage, organizational size and structure also have implications for accomplishing mission, vision, goals, and objectives (MVGOs).Organizational sizeReview yourÿorganization’s sizeÿand how much this has changed over the last five years. ÿInclude an analysis of how your organization?s size impacts its ability to accomplish its strategic objectives.Organizational structureThis refers to who reports to whom and is most easily discovered by studying an organizational chart. If your organization does not have a chart or if it doesn?t reflect reality, read this for help constructing an organizational chart.Having a chart for your organization will be helpful in determining which of the numerous structural types best apply.Finally, include an analysis of whether the current structure aligns with and impacts the organization?s MVGOs and, if not, the likely consequences.When you have completed Steps 4, 5, and 6, submit your analysis for review and feedback.

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