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The questions is upload PDF, Please answer these questions by utilizing the given resources ,and any other reputable sources of information. Submit only your answers (without the text of the questions) in a document (DOC or PDF format only) in the Turnitin submission link below. will grade on completeness, so be sure to answer every question for full credit. Remember, all work that you turn in must be in your own words – you will NOT earn credit for copying and pasting text from websites or from the work of other students.

-use your own word please and DO NOT COPY ANYTHING ON LINE! I will be turn in this home work in turn it in! Please Use easy grammar and use your own word to answer all these questions.

-use easy grammar and easy to understand! Please also use complete sentences

__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________As we near the end of this course, I ask that you take a few moments to reflect upon the information that we covered this semester and answer the following four questions. Please note that each of your answers must contain at least four sentences to earn full credit.

1) Which topic that we covered in the first 15 weeks was most interesting or relevant to you? Explain why you chose the answer you did.

2) Describe how you will use (or have used) the information you learned in this course in some aspect of your life.

3) Which of the following do you think poses the largest threat to human health? Explain why you chose the answer you did.Addiction; Antibiotic resistance; Anti-vaccination; Burning of Fossil fuels; Climate change; Genetic engineering; Overpopulation; Western diet; Other?

4) Your DNA encodes the instructions for making you and all of your traits. You inherited your DNA from your parents and it is what you would pass on to any children you might have. In the Week 2 Discussion board assignment you were asked whether you would want to have your genome tested. Has your answer changed in any way as you have continued to learn about the role of DNA and genetics in living organisms in this course? If so, how?

Note: The following article describes some important factors to consider when determining whether to have your genome tested: https://experiencelife.com/article/is-genetic-testing-right-for-you/Links to an external site.


1.Genetic testing has probable whether its results are positive or adverse. First, it provides some sense of relief from people’s uncertainty. Again, the results help people decide to take action and make informed decisions regarding managing their health. Newborn screening identifies genetic conditions early in life, to start early treatment. The results can help doctors advice a person on how to live a healthier life as well.

2.There are minimal risks associated with genetic testing considering that the testing may entail a simple smear or a small blood sample. Most risks are emotional, as people could feel depressed, angry, guilty, or anxious about their test results. The video shows genetic testing revealing information about disorders that are inherited, however, it does not show what symptoms will appear, how severe they will be, or if the condition will progress over time, which is a major limitation. I think it would be important for individuals willing to go through genetic testing to get clear information about the benefits, risks, as well as limitations of the test so that they can weigh their options and make informed decisions.

3.I may be afraid of knowing that I would suffer certain diseases at some point in life, however, I would like to undergo genetic testing. I know that it might reveal things I would not like to hear, however, I would like to know more about myself and take action in advance to protect myself from any conditions that I can control. On the other hand, I would not like to know about any conditions that I cannot control in advance. Such results would make me start worrying early and could have a great effect on my life.

4.Diets rich in methyl groups assist in forming Methyl gene (a carbon and hydrogen chemical tag) that shuts the agouti gene. Methyl groups attach directly to genes inhibiting their function. Other forms grab histones (forms of proteins) around which genes coil, and loosen or tighten them something that controls gene expression. Epigenome can be changed by what people eat, drink, or smoke. Leading different lifestyles causes changes in the epigenome, the reason why elderly twins have completely different epigenous as compared to young twins. Epigenome therapy involves changing the functionality of cells, for instance, with cancer patients, using drugs that change the instructions of cells.

5.This is important information because it helps us understand that how we live affects us and our children and their children as well. By understanding this, all I need to do is make informed decisions about my lifestyle and how it affects my life and the life of my children. This way, I can develop good eating behaviors for me and my children for our protection as well as that of the future generation.

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