Patient Care Technology, health and medicine homework help

The class is Development and Strategic Planning in Health Care and I need a 5 page double spaced APA format paper on the following:

I need an introduction that gives a summary of what the Management Action Plan (MAP) is about followed by headers that pinpoint each deliverable, ended with a conclusion. Some topics that can be used are:

Suggested HEALTH CARE topics include the following:

 Nursing Recruitment and Retention in Health Care

 Continuing Education Challenges

 Patient Care Technology

 Staff Safety on Duty

 Patient Safety in Hospitals

 Stakeholder Relationships

 Community Education Programs

 Disaster Preparedness

 Medical Director Involvement

 Quality Improvement Program for Health Care

 Patient Satisfaction

 Rural Health Issues

 Funding for Hospital Programs

 Neonatal/Pediatric Services

Can anyone help with this paper?

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