Pedigree Chart Assignment


You will construct chart that includes at least three generations of your family, including yourself and siblings (if applicable) as one of the generations.

The purpose of this assignment is to: Develop an understanding of how a pedigree chart can serve as an assessment tool. And understand how health is influenced by genetic and environmental factors

Go to the Surgeon General’s (SG) website: Read the content in the following sections:

1) My Family Health Portrait Tool

2) SG Family Health History

3) Before You Start

The following link: provides a form that you can use to organize the health information that you will be entering into family portrait/chart (you do not need to submit this completed form). The family portrait/chart is the information that you are required to submit. Use “My Family Health Portrait Tool” to create your pedigree chart. It is important to include the following:

1) Health information on at least three generations of your family, starting with yourself and your siblings (if applicable), then your parents, aunts and uncles, and then your grandparents. For certain diseases/conditions, you will need to provide more specific information in the dropbox under the condition. For example, if you indicate a history of cancer in a family member, you will need to select which type.

2) If an individual has more than one health condition/disease, record the most significant/serious ones (3 maximum).

3) Indicate whether each individual is living or deceased. If applicable, enter the age and cause of death in the space indicated.

When you are finished organizing your family history information, the Family Health Portrait tool will create a graphical representation of the health status of your family. It will show your family’s generations and the health disorders that have occurred across generations. What you will turn in:

1) “My Family Health Portrait Diagram” and the accompanying table

2) Briefly answer the following questions in 1 page document using APA guidelines

      a) According to the Surgeon General’s website, why is a family health history/pedigree chart important? 

      b)  What did you learn about your family’s health history that surprised you? If nothing
surprised you, please indicate why.

      c)  When is National Family History Day?

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