Physics Lab Report:Measurement

the requirements are in the Files!!!!


Explain why you did this work. What concepts are you trying to test? Include an overview of the physical phenomena that was studied. You should provide sufficient background information so that someone who is not well-versed in the topic can understand what you were trying to accomplish.

What were the goals of the experiment? You should state, specifically, what quantities were the end-goal of the experiment. Describe how these goals are achieved with the Investigations which data are obtained, and to which theoretical value the data are compared.

Investigation 1

Describe the experimental setup and how it works. You can add a sketch or a photo if needed.

Describe the experimental procedures. What raw data were gathered, and how was the setup used to gather them? How were their uncertainties decided upon? Explain the data collection process in a logically-connected manner. The steps should be described in the order that they were performed, without directly copying from the lab manual. Answer any questions posed in the manual’s “procedure” steps for the experiment in question in the order that they appear.1

The raw data, derived quantities, and uncertainties shall be gathered in a table as in the example, Table 1, shown below. Include units and appropriate number of significant digits. If the table is too big, reformat it to fit into the page. If there is a prohibitively large amount of raw data, it may be placed into Appendix A. Tables must have captions describing the content.

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