Part 2 Budget Estimating (30 points)Using the same scenario from the previous unit on scheduling, create a time-phased budget for the following project.  Prepare a figure like Exhibit 10.9, CPT 4e, that illustrates the daily and cumulative costs for the resource-leveled project.Assume the following hourly rates:Alcides $45 / hr.Joan $50 / hr.(Assume normal workday = 8 hours/day & normal workweek = 40 hours/week)Activity IDActivityImmediate PredecessorDuration in daysResourceWork Hours available per DayAEvaluate freezers2Alcides6BChart temperatures6Joan4CReview service record2AlcidesDConsult with HVAC engineerA, B, C3AlcidesEDevelop construction planD10JoanFComplete IC assignmentE2AlcidesGComplete ROI analysisE5JoanHConduct regulatory reviewE4JoanIObtain construction approvalF, G, H2AlcidesPart 3 Budget Estimating (50 points)You are the project manager for a process improvement project for Company XYZ.    Prepare a figure like Exhibit 10.9 that illustrates the weekly and cumulative costs for the resource-leveled project.Hint: To accomplish this exercise, you’ll need to create a project schedule in MS Excel (or by hand), create resource assignments, assign costs to each resource, and assign the resources to each task.  Some resource leveling will be required.In this project, you have 3 employees: Ann, Becky and Clive.  Each person is limited to the amount of time allocated to your project.  Ann and Becky are available 30 hours/week; Clive is available 20 hours/week.  There hourly rates are: Ann: $60/hour; Becky: $35/hour; and Clive: $50/hour.(Assume normal workday = 8 hours/day & normal workweek = 40 hours/week)WBSActivityImmediate PredecessorEstimated Duration in weeksResource1Process Improvement Project1.1Operational definition1.1.1Research literature3Becky1.1.2Identify and define terms1.1.11Ann1.1.3Obtain approval of definition1.1.22Clive1.2Target Selection1.2.1Solicit partners for pilot2Ann1.2.2Hold brainstorming meeting1.2.12Becky1.2.3Identify characteristics of targets1.2.2, 1.3.11Ann1.2.4Obtain approval of partners1.2.3, 1.1.2, 1.3.41Clive1.3Question set1.3.1Identify process group members2Clive1.3.2Develop question set1.2.34Ann1.3.3Prototype and validate question set1.3.23Becky1.3.4Add partners1.3.1, 1.2.13Becky1.4Pilot process1.4.1Schedule with target audience1.2.42Becky1.4.2Conduct beta test1.3.4, 1.2.42Clive1.4.3Process feedback from target audience1.4.22Ann1.4.4Conduct pilot1.4.32Clive1.4.5Analyze results1.4.42Clive

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