Policy Analysis

Write a paper analyzing the topic/bill selected and approved in WA #4 that:

  • is no longer than 12 pages;
  • contains a minimum of eight references;
  • is in APA format;
  • contains the following elements;
    • a short description of the policy and policy issue the bill addresses,
    • a background on the development of the bill including factual history, political issues and ramifications, the stage of the policy in terms of formulation and/or implementation,
    • the key stakeholders involved in this policy and their influence;
    • how the policy can or did become a priority on the political/legislative agenda;
    • a brief identification of the social, ethical, cultural, economic and environmental dimensions of the policy/policy issue;
    • a plan for policy implementation;
    • a plan for evaluation and ideas for modification of the policy issue;
    • the expected future of this policy/policy issue in terms of improving the health and well-being of US citizens;
    • the likelihood the bill will pass;
    • a description of the role nursing and other healthcare disciplines will play in ensuring that this policy/policy issue is properly implemented and evaluated to achieve its desired impact and added value to US health care.

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