Policy Brief of The Basics of The Basics of Medicaid

Health Policy Briefs provide succinct overviews of health policy topics. The intended audience is policymakers, journalists, and others concerned about improving health care in the United States. The briefs explore arguments made on various sides of a policy proposal. They provide guidance on available research behind each perspective. Health policy briefs are created by experts in the field through funding from public and private grants.

The policy brief for this paper that I’ve chosen: Medicaid: The basics

(This Manatt Health brief outlines the basics of the Medicaid program for state policymakers in order to lay the groundwork for considering the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.)

In your role as an advanced practice nurse, how would you advocate for or against the policy implementation?

In your paper you may take the position either for or against the policy proposal, or *both* with support.

Page length: 3-4 pages exclusive of cover page and references.

Support your paper with a minimum of three scholarly references.

APA format

Double spaced

In text citations

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