Prepare a technical report explaining the statute Consumer Product Safety Act that has a direct application to product liability.

The contributions of Ralph Nader should be stated in a historical perspective and the four basic purposes of the act should be clarified; namely:

  • To protect the public from the risk of injuries incurred while using consumer products
  • To help consumers make objective evaluations of the risks associated with using consumer products
  • To encourage uniformity in standards and regulations and to minimize conflicts among regulations at the various levels of government
  • To encourage research into the causes of product-related injuries, health problems, and deaths and how these things can be prevented

Your report can include pictures, figures and tables. It should be between 1600-2400 words and include at least 8 references (at least 4 articles).

This is for a Safety Engineering course within an Industrial Engineering program.

Referencing should be in APA style.

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