Problem and Sub-problem

This is part 2 of my project.

All the information I got together is in the PART 1 document that will be attached. The sub problems I came up with are in the sheet also.

Directions: Select JUST ONE of the sub-problems that you will continue to research further. From your research, determine what criteria need to be met by your solutions for this sub-problem. What are some specifications that scientists, engineers, or local governments are trying to accomplish? Also research some of the constraints that will limit any solution for this sub-problem.

Document all of the criteria and constraints, with descriptions of why these were chosen. For each sub-problem, create a priority list to show the relative importance of the criteria and constraints to get an understanding of what the tradeoffs will be.

What to submit?

  1. The sub-problem that you will investigate further, and why you chose this over the other sub-problem.
  2. At least two realistic criteria for the chosen sub-problem and an explanation as to why these criteria should be met for the sub-problem to be considered resolved.
  3. At least two constraints for the chosen sub-problem that have been known to limit solutions to the sub-problem and an explanation of why these constraints exist.
  4. Prioritization of the criteria and constraints and an explanation supporting the decisions made based on research. There should be only one priority list that ranks the criteria and constraints together.

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