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Project Management AssignmentYou have been assigned as the Project Manager to oversee the maintenance requirements for The James River Bridge and the Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel in Virginia. You also have the flexibility to determine the time frame (how long the maintenance will require). The Project Manager will authorize the work that must be done and provide the following project elements in a detailed statement that will explaining each area: The eight maintenance items you need to discuss is for the james river bridge: electrical lighting, grates, inspection structure, greasing hydralic motors, and pot hole repair. For the hampton bridge tunnel: structure inspection, cleaning of the celing and walls, electrical lighting, pothole repairs, emergency broadcasting inspection.ÿthe three elements Contract requirements: a general structure of mangerial, reporting and performing responsisbilities, , suppliers, subcontractors,managerial requirements and agreements, andÿreporting requirements.Schedules: A list of of all major events, tasks, and subschedules, from which a master schedule is devepoledResource: The overall project budget for all resource requirements and procedures for budgetary control.four pages plus reference page.

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