PurposePropose methods to implement an existing treatment plan.You may choose to build off a completed treatment plan that you developed in a previous course at Capella (PSY7706 or PSY7713) or one from your place of work.You will be provided opportunities to get feedback on this project in course discussion activities. Please use feedback from your instructor and peers in order to submit your best work by the final week of the course.ComponentsSection 1: Case OverviewDescribe a case in which you plan to use a behavior analysis intervention.Keep the overview brief but include enough detail to support your treatment recommendations.Section 2: Treatment PlanFor this section you may use the Caregiver Quick Reference Guide developed for PSY7706 or PSY7713.Section 3: MeasurementInclude how you plan to track and measure behavior change during the intervention.Section 4: TrainingIdentify and prioritize individuals who need to be trained in this intervention.Outline training plans and tools or resources to be used.Section 5: Fidelity and Reliability ChecksDescribe methods used to verify the quality of the intervention.Section 6: Data AnalyzingCreate a hypothetical graph showing how you would graph data and expected results.Describe methods used to analyze data.Section 7: References and AppendicesYou may include appendices showing items such as tracking tools or training outlines.References and appendices should be in current APA style.Final SubmissionYour final PowerPoint presentation will be 8–10 slides long or 5–8 minutes long.Include a script in the slide notes to represent what you would say when presenting your intervention plan.

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