Public health plan Pandemic Flu Case Analysis

Peruse the Pennsylvania Pandemic Flu Plan. No disaster plan is without flaws or weaknesses. Based on your knowledge of disaster mitigation and response, as well as your knowledge of public health, design a tool which could be used by the PA Department Of Health (DOH) as an instructional guide to their county offices on how they plan to handle an influenza pandemic. As part of this guide, present at least 5 weaknesses or potential weaknesses that you find here. Additionally, comment on how and why personnel in county public health offices may be overwhelmed during a pandemic and what tasks they would have to address to assist in response to and mitigation of the disaster.

Please first read the Influenza pandemic response plan in the PAP fluplan document, then read the other three articles to expand your thoughts about pandemics.

Important notes:

1- You can use materials to emphasize your understanding of disaster mitigation and response.

2- It should be 3-4 pages.

3- Please carefully read the requirements of this assignment and comprehensively read the materials that I attached.

4- Use APA format for citation.

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