Please read Chapter 7.Answer 3 of the in depth questions and interact with class to get full credit.  1.  Utilizing the information in Chapter 7 and previous chapters, describe WHY carbohydrates are the desired source of energy and sparing protein is important for life and homeostasis.  How would you convey this to someone who wants to be healthy and go on a high protein, low carbohydrate diet?  2.  Describe what happens when a friend goes on a crash diet to metabolism the first couple of days.  Weight drops on the scale but what is that weight?  If the diet continues after 3-4 days what happens to metabolism (what energy source is used) and how does the body respond with amount ant type of weight loss?   3.  Why would someone argue, using the information about metabolism and anabolism of fat, that fat is the most fattening for the body and that a low fat diet would be the best approach to lose weight?  HINT: this is about metabolism and not just calories per gram.Then Discuss the following:   Define Metabolism in relation to energy production and food intake. Define and discuss catabolism and anabolism What is ATP? Why is it called the energy currency of the cell? Be specific. 5.  Carnitine has been “sold” as a fat burner supplement.  Explain WHY someone might use this information based on fat metabolism.  Why is this information incorrect?            Remember to post 3 submissions to your choice of the set of questions above and substantial comments to classmates by Sunday night at 11:59 pm.  This week’s material is complex – we are discussing ENERGY metabolism which is specific to HOW the body uses energy.

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