Rasmussen College Cardiovascular Discussion


Laughlin-Tommaso, S. K., Khan, Z., Weaver, A. L., Schleck, C. D., Rocca, W. A., & Stewart, E. A. (2016). Cardiovascular risk factors and diseases in women undergoing hysterectomy with ovarian conservation. Menopause (New York, NY), 23(2), 121.

Shah, A. S., Griffiths, M., Lee, K. K., McAllister, D. A., Hunter, A. L., Ferry, A. V., … & Walker, S. (2015). High sensitivity cardiac troponin and the under-diagnosis of myocardial infarction in women: prospective cohort study. bmj, 350, g7873.

Health Science Library (2018). UTI case scenario for evidence-based nursing practice resource activity.


Your paper for the course project should be a 2-5 page APA paper (not including title page and the reference page) that describes the clinical problem and the following:

  • Reason for choosing this topic
  • The PICOT question
  • Possible integration of the evidenced that you found in clinical practice
  • Methods to evaluate the effectiveness of implementation

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