Read the lecture note and finish the discussion board

  • Your answer needs to be in point form.


Students will post and respond to another students’ discussion post on the discussion board each week. The discussion will be based on the material you covered during your readings. See calendar and point page.

  • Clearly identify which Chapter you are referring to! Pick some specific concept and explain why is this material important for a Kinesiology major (Cite page number in text) DEFINE THE CONEPT – YOU CAN USE A DIRECT QUOTE FROM THE BOOK – OR TELL US IN YOUR OWN WORDS.
  • How is understanding that particular concept going to help you be a better movement instructor (i.e., coach, PT, AT, PE teacher, group exercise instructor, personal trainer, etc.) (Provide ONE specific example of how you might incorporate the concept(s) from your readings to make your future career more effective.

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