Reflection Paper , health and medicine homework help

Reflection Paper

1. Write a minimum of 3-page up to a maximum of 5-page reflection paper from your NUR 306 clinical rotation or work experience. Use APA format, Time New Roman or Arial, 12 font size. (3pt)

2. Reflect on the situation describing the scenario related to quality and safety patient care. (6 pts)

3. Identify which Core Competencies in Quality and Safety Nursing Education (QSEN) program this experience may relate to and one possible course of action you will take to address the core competency. (6 pts)

Clinical rotation I attended med-surge and took care of sick patients who needed to be taken care of. Most due to infections, surgery, or cancer. I have attached a relection journal that i work from one of the experiences to use as an example. The instructor wants this paper a little more detailed and wants the 3 questions on top answered. Please let me know if there are any questions.

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