Required to draw two workflow process maps

You are required to draw two workflow process maps. I am attaching an article with sample workflows in the article. The workflows in the article are active documents which you can click on to activate. You can either use one of the sample workflows in the article (download to adapt to your assignment) or you can download a TRIAL (free) copy of mapping software like Microsoft Visio or MindJet’s MindMapping software to your computer. Be sure to get a trial which is good for 30 days free. If you download the Visio software, you can use the Cross-Functional Flowchart template (as used in the attached article) or the Basic Flowchart to map your pre and post workflows.

First workflow map should demonstrate the Pre-EHR Paper Process (attached)

Second workflow map should demonstrate the Electronic Health Record Process (attached)

The pre and post workflows I have given you are taken from a real workflow change in a Radiology system. If you want more information about the technology involved (Watson Health’s Radiology product = Medical Sieve), please go to

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