Risk monitoring, controlling and mitigation plan

This is a risk analysis class for graduate engineering student. During the whole term, we required to create a risks analysis report of a specific building construction project. After assessing potential risks.

There are three risks that important to our project:

C06- Failling Objects from building

P03- Delayed/Missing Permits

E04- Raw Sewage Contaminates Wells

Professor require to create a specific report for EACH risks as following format:

1. Risk Monitoring

2. Risk Controlling

3. Reporting plan

4. Risk mitigation and response strategies to minimize the risk consequences and

maximize the opportunities.

5. Conclusion, finding and Recommendations

Identify for Stakeholders where Risk Mitigation efforts and resources should be focused as well.

Attached document the project report that we already created. There are project background, risk assessment process and qualitative risk analysis.

This new report will be add to the original document as Chapter five. But please send me the final version separate from original document.

Please let me know if you need more information.

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