Saint Petersburg College Week 4 Educational Concept Universal Design Discussion

Please respond to the following discussion posts

1. Educational concept Universal Design

Rachel H posted

Traditional teaching styles do not always work with every student. Sometimes a more adaptive approach is necessary for the new material to be understood and comprehended. One of my favorite adaptations is setting lessons to music or using mnemonic devices to retain new information. I have a long last name with 12 letters. I knew teaching my three children how to spell it was going to be a challenge. So I created a song for them to be able to learn to spell it with excellent retention. H I G G I N B O T H A M is me set to the ABC song. This strategy was remarkably successful and all of my children were able to spell their entire names by the age of three. Another style of using initials and making up clever names or rhymes can also help retain new information. ROY G BIV for the colors of the rainbow. Every good boy does finefor the notes on the lines of the treble clef. The one that was most beneficial was On old Olympus towering top a frilly vexed German viewed a hop for memorizing the twelve cranial nerves in anatomy class. Using helpful tools such as setting material to songs or using initials to create something creative to help retain the new information can make learning fun and successful. The more success a student has, the better their attitude toward learning and success can improve their self esteem.

2. Educational concept Universal Design

Kajauna Mc posted

After reading the chapter on ways of teaching and appealing to all diverse audiences, it is evident that Universal design has been used by many teachers during our learning process over the years. One of the most interesting courses that I’ve had at SPC was Intro to Interpersonal Relationships. Overall, I believe everyone in the class had an amazing experience. The class was an evening class that began at 5:30pm and ended at 8:00pm, so keeping the class entertained and participated might have been very challenging for professor. This course focused on healthy confrontation, communication, setting healthy boundaries and how to have safe relationships with clients within the human service field. Professor Moldt incorporated Universal design by creating assignments that sparked interest to the whole class. Group work was a requirement in the class so, we were all engaged in the learning process. We didn’t always have the routine assignments, we used role plays, storytelling, analysis journal, and diagrams. Not only were we able to actively participate in the lessons, we were constantly challenged and engaged in the teachings. For Universal Design, to meet the diverse settings of the students, one should include multiple representations, therefore the learner has various ways of learning and obtaining the information for knowledge. Additionally, there should be different roles of expression, students should be able to show you what they’ve learned, ranging from written assignments, PowerPoints, reflections, and projects. Lastly, student should be presented with numbered ways activities for engagement. With the influx of activities lessons can appeal to all diverse learners, also can promote constructive challenges, and spark motivation.

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3. Educational concept How to Actively Engage Diverse Learners

Medina S posted

The process on how a patient or individual receives information is crucial. Better health is encouraged by better information that is well-received (Casarez, 2017). One of the best ways to connect a patient to the data is to give them an emotional connection rather than fear (Casarez, 2017). For instance, I once had a patient in an ALF I worked for that had been recently diagnosed with Ulceration Colitis. This patient had new dietary restrictions that they were struggling to follow. The patient needed reeducation on the condition to help act as a reminder as to why the limits were there. The delivery system was a mixture of printed information from the hospital regarding Ulceration Colitis.

However, the patient had already received this information previously in the hospital, so in addition to the printout, I l also tried to make more of an emotional connection while education as this is a condition a family member of mine suffers from. Making this connection seemed to get the patient’s attention more and made them more engaged. The patient began to ask questions and wanted to feel more evolved once they thought that they weren’t in it alone. Of course, there were much better ways of presenting information that may have still engaged the patient. The benefit of sharing with the patient was that they instantly became evolved and felt more of a provider to patient connection. A connection with patients is always encouraged. But at the same time, how much do you want someone to know about your personal life? I feel now looking back on it I should have tried other efforts before oversharing. For instance, in addition to the written materials, I could have also provided illusionary representations with educational videos and images, this would have however been less person for the patient and may not have grabbed their attention. I could have also attempted to use self-composed information to put together information that was more specific to their situation; this could have been a way to get the engagement that was needed from the patient. Each person is very different, and it is essential to try always to remember to tailor the information to them to try to get them to have a more personal connection.


Casarez, C. (2017, July 25). How To Present Health Data To Your Patients -. Retrieved from

4. Educational concept How to Actively Engage Diverse Learners

Michael B posted

Just a few days ago, I was teaching someone how to use a cardiac monitor (LifePak 15), and she was having a hard time with the task. I was using a one-on-one approach where I demonstrate the functions and allow the student time to practice. For someone who has never used a cardiac monitor, it can be daunting.

The monitor has a lot of steps to operate the different functions, so it can take a few different sessions to understand fully. After learning this week about universal design, I could change how I present this task in the future. I think if I make some PowerPoint slides to present the information first, then print them to use as handouts and allow the students more time to study. As well as making a step by step guide for different functions, more students will retain the information, or at least, be able to reference it. The manufacturer also offers some information to show the operation of the cardiac monitors the produce.

This task is essential to the diagnosis and treatment of probably hundreds of thousands of people daily. So understanding how every student I teach, retains the information is crucial. If it takes me a little longer to come up with some information to ensure more students can operate this machine, is potentially saving someone’s life down the road.

5. Research method


Michelle G posted

1. Name and describe one data collection instrument that is used in YOUR field. It does not have to be your current field.

An instrument we use on every patient is pulse oximetry.

2. How do you, OR would you, assure interobserver reliability when using this instrument? Please describe thoroughly.

Placed on the same finger or ear

Measurement taken at same point, in case any issues with oxygenation at different points.

Placed on the finger or ear same amount of time

Calibration of pulse oximetry machines (Haumschild, 2019).

All patients have similar disease processes

3. How do you, OR would you, assure intraobserver reliability when using this instrument? Please describe thoroughly.

Pulse oximetry placed on same finger or ear

Patients all in same position while pulse oximetry is placed (Haumschild, 2019).

Patients have similar issues and medications/support


Haumschild, M. (2019). Reliability [Class handout]. St. Petersburg, FL : St. Petersburg College, HSA3702

6. Crisis

Lesson Four Discussion(150 words minimum response)

Thomas B posted

After reviewing all the information in chapter 4 and the different types of crisis; indeed, there are at least a few that my FSI family might be dealing with. For example, the family may be dealing with a developmental crisis because of the separation of the mother and father from the two teenage children. In fact, children often blame themselves for parents divorcing or getting into trouble such as criminal behavior or alcoholism. Whereas the uncle was no longer able to help them, the grandmother was able to keep them from being separated and put into foster care. As for the situational crisis, there are many such as being temporarily homeless, without a source of income, the need for food, school clothes and supplies. However, we have seen many of these needs get met by local resources within the community. Fortunately, there was funding available to house and feed the family until permanent housing and SNAP could be accessed. It is highly likely that the grandmother would have lost the children to the foster care system without the hard work of the child protective investigator and PEHMS navigator. It is awesome to see human service workers networking together for the common good of people in crisis; they were able to access funding to get the grandmother to and from different agencies that helped turn a dreadful situation into a ray of hope for the family. Finally, as I was researching some different kinds of resources that might help assist the FSI family, I found that the Crisis Center of Tampa Bay at has an amazing amount of resources for needy families. Additionally, when you go to the website you can find an array of links to other helpful agencies.

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