Simulation of nurse/patient teaching: Diabetes brochure

You will be doing a simulation of nurse/patient teaching where one of you is the patient and the other is the nurse. Be aware that the patient is NOT a nursing student but is a factory worker with a high school education. Your instructor will randomly assign one of the topics below for you to teach on the day of simulation but you must be prepared to teach any of them.

Using the questions below, create and bring a handout(i.e. flyer, brochure, poster) that includes the information below. The handout or brochure needs to be written at the 4-6thgrade level (Hint: to check reading level on Microsoft word go to file-options-proofing-readability).

1.Describe the pathophysiology of diabetes

2. Discuss lifestyle modifications for a patient with diabetes

  • 2)Self-monitoring- blood glucose monitoring, hypo and hyperglycemia
  • 3)Explain medications that are used to manage diabetes (i.e. insulin administration)
  • 4)Identify community resources for patients with diabetes

5)Identify the interdisciplinary team for patients with diabetes

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