Statistics – Critical Review of Published Articles

Critical Review of Published ArticlesFor the assignment, the students will read and review “Worry, Intolerance of Uncertainty, and Statistics Anxiety” by Amanda S. Williams. The article located inContent section within Session 9. A critical review report summarizes and evaluates the research article. Your job is to determine if the researcher wrote a first class, grade “A” article for publication. That is, was the article worthy of publication? Empirical research articles go through a blind publication procedure. The journal’s reviewers do not know who wrote the articles considered for publication, which would be a one- to two-year process.The report must be between 3- to 5-pages. Below, carefully read the requirements for the report. If you have questions, please ask.Do not deviant from the required information for the report. Going beyond the requirements will negatively affect the final score of the report.

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